Whether they know it or not, a lot of people are subjected to background checks. The main reasons a person is subjected to one is when applying for a job. Some jobs, especially working with children, come with a demand that you be subjected to a background check. You have to have a clean criminal history and not be a sex offender of course. There are other reasons for you to order a background check too. These include things like finding lost friends and lovers, and even reconnecting with estranged family members. Background checking and people searching providers give an invaluable service for adopted children to find their birth parents for example. 

Intelius is one of the best background check services you can find on the internet. They have a bit of a poor reputation with the Better Business Bureau but this isn’t because of the quality of their checks. It’s to do with some of the actions of the people they work with. If you use their service then you might find yourself subjected to a hidden monthly charge. If you go in knowing this it’s very easy to avoid it. When you order a background check you are prompted to take an offer where you pay 10% less for the background check, and are given a free trial of a service called Identity Protect. This is a service that you have to pay for and renews automatically on its own. So if you choose that offer don’t forget to opt out of Identity Protect or you’ll have to deal with a nasty monthly charge. Some people say the site is a scam because of this, but the quality of their information is very good and, even if it IS a scam, it is one that is easily avoided by knowing about it. 

Intelius offers the same basic services as any other provider. They let you do a people search to find who you are looking for. Then you pay for all the extra information you need which is the basic way these services work. They’re good for finding basic information for free. You can also find email records for people and find their social media profiles to reconnect with old friends and anyone you can think of. 



They have the traditional background checks that tell you everything you need to know about a person from a statistical perspective. Find out their old addresses, their personal records, and anything you’d want to know about them. You can also do a traditional criminal record background check where you can find out if anyone you know or are interested in hiring has a criminal past. Intelius also offers a reverse phone lookup system so you can find out who is calling you. 

Intelius offers several premium services including employee screening. If you’re an employer who works with sensitive groups such as children and know you’re going to screen a lot of employees then Intelius are a good fit for you. They’re not the most reputable business there is but they’re certainly the most popular.