Fixing Your Car Power Lock Problems 

Getting locked out of your car or failing to lock it up when leaving can be very frustrating. It has happened to many drivers out here and could happen to you anytime. The thing is there are so many causes of power lock malfunctioning that you should know off. One of the common causes is a faulty lock motor or rather solenoid. You can also get other problems related to switches that make it difficult to open doors. Additionally, the rise in use of computerized doors have begun to present other complications. In this article, you will read on some of the door lock problems and possible solutions.

Computerized Doors

This rising trend in latest car models has helped reduce on the number locking complications as they are relatively reliable. However rare, car lock failure has been reported some specific brands in the market. A number of online reviews point at Country vans, Chrysler’s and even Dodge Caravans. The case with most of them is related with BUS issues where collection of wires transferring data may malfunction. In some times, it is just a wire shorting from locks to the relevant door. This can be usually detected with a scan tool in the security section here a code will indicate any BUS problem.

Problems With Non-High-Tech Parts

It is not always that the problem will be associated with high-tech parts. There are cases when other parts can create a power lock problem. If you find that your power lock doesn’t work on one door, it is always good to check the linking rod connector if possible. This linkage can at time pop off when a locksmiths tries to use a slim Jim in unlocking the door. It should not be that difficult to use a rod and disconnect the link. In most cases, just remove the door panel, adjust the linkage and maybe replace the plastic rod retainer. That is if it may have been broken or weakened.

When Power Lock Doesn’t Work On One Door

In cases where the power lock is failing to work on a single door, it is very likely that there is problem with other locks too. The most likely cause maybe faulty wiring to the door. However, the case when a door can only open or close without a problem. If you are experiencing a problem with closing the door, but there is a problem when opening, there is likely to be an issue with your switch. You should just check your switch to know if it may be part of the problem and fix it.

Issues With Door Latches

Finally, there is this common cause for power lock problems. When your door latches wear up, closing and opening the door can become a problem. Though many doors come with inbuilt actuators, worn latches can still be a big problem to you. This is mostly due to excess movement opening and closing the door. It reaches a time when they doors can’t work dependably and this may be the case if not all the doors have the problem. You can check with your mechanic if not sure on how to solve the door lock problem. It may not be a good idea to try repairing the doors of computerized doors if you are not familiar with the problem.